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User manual for hardware based servers

This manual contains the basic information to configure your box and network.

Virtual server user guide

Initial configuration of a virtual server.

How to use your own domain

Learn how to add your own domains to your server to use for the mail service.

Managing VPN configuration files

It is recommended to create VPN certificate (configuration file) for each of your devices. This article explains how to do it.

Additional server configuration

Advanced configuration about VPN, users and mail. You can learn how to change your VPN settings, how to manage users and shares and how to enable your own mail server.

How to use your Tor proxy

What is Tor proxy and how you can configure it on various systems in various browsers.

Additional mail configuration and mail service in detail

If you'd like to use mail service, this is the first article to read. It explains how email works and what problems you can face.

Creating mailboxes and aliases

This article explains how to create a more complex configuration if you'd like to use multiple email addresses.

Accessing mail - client configuration

How to configure your mail clients to access your mail on your server.

User access to the management interface

Regular users can also log in to the server's management interface to manage their password and devices.

Information page

How to find necessary details about your server.