Encrypted Virtual Private Server - 500MB RAM, 20GB HDD, location US

Private server with file and mail cloud service, anonymous proxy, encrypted storage, protected by VPN technology. Hosted on a virtual machine, it has 20GB of data storage.

It has an encrypted hard drive for storage. You need to configure your encryption password when you first switch on the server.Please note the password cannot be recovered if you lose it. The storage cannot be accessed if you don’t know your password.

All the data including files, email, databases are stored on the encrypted partition.

You can learn more about the server on our features page.

Subscription includes a 7 days free trial period.

£7.99 per month

The following features are available:

  • Built-in email service
  • POP and IMAP support and built-in webmail
  • Usage of own domain for email
  • Unlimited email address
  • Built-in spam filter
  • Encrypted data partition for files, email, databases
  • File storage and remote file storage through mobile and PC/Mac clients
  • High-security VPN access
  • Multi user environment
  • Built in firewall
  • SSL/TLS for web and mail
  • TOR anonymous proxy service

Apps to configure and use your box as your private cloud are available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and for desktops and laptops, on our home page. Supported operating systems are Windows 7 or later, Linux Debian family, Apple OS X.

Please check our Support pages to learn how to configure and use your server.

Recommended manuals:

Quick user manual