Features and functions

Features and functions

All the below listed server functions are automatically configured by the server itself. You don’t need to have the knowledge about mail, web, vpn or file server, neither about firewalls, security certificates or domain name system.

The server only needs basic input to personalize the configuration when you log in at the first time, and you only have to provide the minimal necessary information later when you change something, These are such trivial things like user names or desired email addresses. All the other configurations are done automatically by the server.

The only knowledge you need is how to configure a mail client to access your mailbox, or how to establish a VPN connection between your devices and your server. For example the latter needs 2 steps: import your configuration file to our client program, then click connect 😎 .

Security and privacy


VPN server


Hard drive encryption


Domain services

Mail transport

File storage

Anonymous proxy

User interface

Client applications

Administration and configuration



System backup

Storage backup